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The Cult of Skaro

Chapter 1:  The Secret Procedure

“Repeat,” rumbled the Dalek Emperor from his great throne in the Imperial City of Skaro, the four lights on his spherical headpiece blinking furiously.  The battered and burned Dalek Warrior who had just delivered a report to the Emperor turned his eyestalk to the Emperor’s and spoke again.

“Emperor, the Time Lords destroyed the Seventy-Fourth Fleet.  Their psychic abilities prevented effective extermination.  I am the only survivor.”

“You shall be returned to your duty.  Report to a maintenance station immediately.  You may now leave my presence.”

“I obey,” the Warrior replied as he filed out of the vast throne room and into the corridor, awaiting the chance to exterminate once more.

The Emperor mulled over the Warrior’s report.  Cold numbers and the personal account gave equal warnings:  The Time Lords and all other races could only be exterminated if the Daleks gained abilities equal to and greater than theirs.  It was time to bring a millennia-old experiment back into the practical universe.  Something that would make even the Doctor, the Ka Faraq Gatri himself, experience that vile emotion of fear.  He accessed the great Imperial database, which contained information about every Dalek in existence.  Then, he began to implement his plan.

“Communications Centre!” he said to the viewscreen in front of him.

The screen resolved into the image of hundreds of Daleks , most of them the claw-armed Specialists, of various ranks monitoring a vast array of computers and screens.  The Dalek Marshal in command, black with silver trim and nodules, turned to face the Emperor.

“What are our orders, Emperor?” asked the Marshal.

“I request the presence of the following….”

Forward Camp Eight, Magella

The sun glinted off the sleek dome of the Dalek Marshal as he surveyed the work his Seventh Incursion Squad had wrought on the last of the Mechonoid Forge Worlds.  What damage his orbital neutrino barrage had not wrought, his Dalek troops had.  At last, after a thousand days, every life form lay dead, every machine smashed.  The Marshal flew over the ranks of assembled warriors and smashed Mechonoid shells.  Those inferior…robots would never trouble the Empire again.  He landed in the forward camp, in the middle of a dozen idling Daleks.

“Our victory is complete.  Order all Daleks to return to the fleet.”

“We obey,” they all replied.  All across the planet, Daleks and ships began taking off, in great bronze swarms, until even the blue glow of their ion drives disappeared.  Then, the only living things remaining on the surface of Magella were a few Daleks in their command posts.  Not even the trees had survived the pure nuclear fire that the Dalek fleet had unleashed.

“Alert!  Incoming transmission for the Marshal only.  Authorisation code required!” said one of the Daleks at the control center.  The Marshal glided up to the viewer and put his manipulator on the controls.  The screen read:  INPUT AUTHORISATION CODE.  The Marshal typed:  E2B-624-QA9-VME. Then, the screen flashed not the standard Imperial coat of arms, but the Emperor’s personal crest.  
The Emperor appeared on the screen and gave a brief message:  “Return to Skaro.  Report directly to me.  Inform no-one.”  The Marshal shut off the screen and turned to his troops.  “Dismantle the camps.  We will return to Skaro immediately.”

Omega Pass, Charanbara

The Thirtieth Dalek Assault Squad trundled forward over the mud of the sparsely populated Time Lord colony world.  The leader, a black Commander, surveyed the rainy night.  Just a few scurrying rats, that was all.  Suddenly, the cliff face gave way to reveal a tunnel flanked by a pair of staser cannons.  They fired, catching a Dalek Warrior, who exploded into ash.  “EXTERMINATE!  ANNIHILATE!  AVENGE!” roared the Commander.  “Special Weapons Daleks, fire!”  Two Special Weapons Daleks fired their giant blaster cannons, knocking out both stasers.  “Advance and exterminate!” he ordered.  

                The squad entered the tunnel, the two Special Weapons Daleks at the front.  A weak staser beam lanced out and singed the armor on one of them.  Then, with a loud PING, a Time Lord crossbow bolt found its mark and destroyed it.  The Commander was quick to respond.  “Wide-beam disruption!  Maximum extermination!”  The Daleks began firing and they were soon graced with the sight of bodies glowing from the ion disruptor beams.  The Commander himself exterminated at least a dozen Time Lords.  At last, they found a cave full of civilians.  Their leader yelled, “Into the TARDIS!”  The civilians began scurrying toward an ornate panel van.  As soon as the first one opened the door—

              “Exterminate!”  The Commander, then the other Daleks, fired into the Tardis.  One lucky shot from the Commander’s ion disruptor cracked open the console and a second, from the Special Weapons Dalek, smashed the Time Rotor.  “Evasive action!”  ordered the Commander as the energy began building up inside the open Tardis.  The squad flew out of the cave as fast as possible and, just after they cleared the mouth, there was a terrific roar.  Then, raw Vortex energy ripped through the air, barely missing the fleeing Daleks.  The Commander turned to look as the cliff, the cave, and most of the valley vanished into nothingness.  The enemies would all be destroyed in the end….  “Return to space,” he ordered, turning back to the remainder of his squad.

Dalek Cruiser

The Commander watched as a Time Lord ship, its massive bolt-launcher dominating the design, began orbiting the planet.  The cruiser fired a barrage of neutrino missiles, but they did nothing.  Flowers of flame splashed on the deflector shields.  The Time Lord ship fired a bolt, which shook the ship.  “Maximum annihilation!”  yelled the Commander.  The Dalek cruiser fired a second neutrino barrage.  One missile finally cracked the alien shields and broke the bolt-launcher.  A second sheared off the forward wings, then the third split the vessel in two, sending glowing debris drifting in all directions.  “Contact the Council.  We are one planet closer to victory.”

“Transmission for the Commander exclusively!  Authorisation code required….”

Space Station “Alpha”

To the Commandant of Space Station Alpha, the screams and agonized pleas of the captive aliens were the closest thing to beauty he had ever known.  Every race within ten million light-years, humans included, had at least one member experiencing the effects of some new weapon.  The Mind Breaker, the Cardinal Plague, the Total Dissociator…all of them built and tested under the Commandant’s eye.  And he did not sit idle.  He requested that his standard manipulator bell be swapped for a Specialist’s eight-clawed hand.  He had personally caused over one million exterminations in his two millennia of service.  He had just finished successfully testing a polarity reverser that had caused a dozen Ood to literally fly apart when a subordinate approached him.

“Commandant!  Incoming transmission from the Emperor!”

Outer Rim Defence Station 882

Existence on the station had settled into a routine:  detect, destroy, detect, destroy….  Most days, there was usually at least one enemy ship or fleet trying to break into the Dalek galaxy.  However, the Defence Battalion ensured that Imperial forces could be scrambled in time.  This day, though, marked the tenth in a row without any enemies.  The Force Leader, who had not spoken for a over a week, was surveying the scanner readouts when the screen flashed the Emperor’s personal coat of arms.  A transmission from home….

Citadel, Death-Smith Ghetto, Skaro

The Grandmaster of the Death-Smiths of Goth tucked into a delicious meal of processed protein and carbohydrate.  A privilege, he supposed, as I am the finest craftsman in the Universe.  The brown skies and white seas of Goth may be gone, but we will endure. He was the most powerful and respected vertebrate in the Dalek Empire.  His one million Death-Smiths and their families labored endlessly in this lavish ghetto of the Imperial City, their reptilian hands crafting the Dalek armor and weapons into ever more powerful versions.  Thanks to Grandmaster Haboth, the Daleks had gained the Specialist’s claw.  Cherka had introduced the revolving torso.  Now, it was up to Grandmaster Velex to contribute something.  He had many ideas flying around his head, but he was still not quite sure how to mention them to the Emperor.  He continued eating the processed food, tearing the protein block with his fangs and washing it down with liquefied vitamins.  Perhaps the Emperor had some new assignment; he had not called in over four months.

“Incoming transmission from the Emperor.”  The Grandmaster put down his meal and opened the channel.  It was indeed the Emperor, his massive suspended frame as imposing as ever.  He stared directly through the viewer.

“Grandmaster, report to my throne room immediately.”  Velex gulped down his dinner, swallowed the last of the vitamins, licked his mouth clean, and put on his best ceremonial robe over his intricate suit of powered armor.  This had to be the opportunity he had longed for.  Perhaps he would even know where some of his workers had gone.

Throne Room

The Emperor watched as the armored doors opened and the silent Imperial Guards, their electric grapplers ready, escorted the five visitors in.  The first was Grandmaster Velex, in his finest ceremonial armor and robes, with his helmet under his arm.  Then, the four Daleks filed in:  the Marshal from Magella, the Assault Commander, the Alpha Commandant, and the Outer Rim Force Leader.  At the front and back of this little procession stood a pair of Imperial Guards, their crimson shells and black trim resplendent in the lights.  Velex bowed deep, his face to the ground.  The four Daleks stood in a neat row, two to each side.  

“Guards, you may leave my presence,” rumbled the Emperor, his head and throne making him stand a full ten feet above the ground.  

“We obey,” chorused the four guards as they filed out, the great doors closing behind them.

“Were you lesser creatures, you would be…curious…as to why I have summoned you five from your duties to a secret audience with me.  All I will reveal is that I have devised a new stratagem, one that will ensure lasting victory in our war against the Inferior Races.  You shall now join me in a place that none alive beyond us know.  Rise and face me.”  The five faced the Emperor’s eyestalk, hypnotized by the blue glow.  Then, the Emperor adjusted the controls on his throne with his manipulator.  The floor in front of the six rumbled and a hole opened in the smooth metal, wide enough for the Emperor to fit in.  He glided off his throne and descended into the hole.  “Follow me,” he intoned as his body sank out of sight.  Velex was next, jumping down and activating his powered boots to avoid falling.  Then, the four Daleks came down, and the hole closed.  Once everyone landed, the Emperor powered up his disruptor and emitted a weak ionic scanner beam that illuminated the darkness they had landed in.  It looked very much like an artificially bored tunnel so far underground they could not even hear the water running.  The Emperor’s scanner beam finally found a control panel on a rock wall.  He went up to it, touched it with his manipulator, and opened a hidden door that led to a dark tunnel the same size and shape as the corridors far above.

“What we are about to undertake is a crucial secret.  No-one could be trusted to guard it,” said the Emperor as the six rumbled down the corridor.  Velex drew his robes tighter around himself.  They reached a second door, which the Emperor opened in the same manner.  They entered and found themselves in a massive cave, with artificial lights on the ceiling and metal grates on the surface.  A series of tanks, vats, and rigs lay in neat patterns, while what looked like four vacant Dalek travel machines lurked in a corner.  About a dozen Death-Smiths stood at attention, while two Imperial Guards hurried to the side of their Emperor.

“My missing workers,” hissed Velex to himself.  The Smiths saluted their Grandmaster, who returned the gesture.  The Emperor then emitted a strange sound very much like a throat being cleared, upon which the lighting increased, revealing the true, complex extent of what looked like a cross between a laboratory and an Old Skaro cathedral.

“You all know of the resistance we face from the Time Lords’ psychic powers, which are greater than ours.  This has created a stalemate in the war.  But now you shall see our greatest achievement since our creation.  You four Daleks have, due to your achievement, been selected by me to become even more powerful than I am,” said the Emperor.

“But you are above all beings in the galaxy,” said the Marshal.

“Beings?  You shall not become beings.  You shall become gods over the entire universe, from its beginning to the Ultimate Fate.  Smiths, prepare the procedure.  Daleks, open Travel Machines.  We shall begin.”  The four Daleks opened up, revealing the small, slimy, cephalopod-like creatures inside.  Four Smiths came up and injected a needle into each Dalek, which then fell unconscious.  And, for the first time ever, these four Daleks knew rest….
This is my first story here, so constructive criticism is appreciated/encouraged. I decided to write a short (fewer than 6 chapters) fic about the origin of the Daleks' Cult of Skaro. What we saw in "Doomsday" was, in my opinion, a fascinating glimpse of just how powerful a Dalek could be. I felt like exploring how the Cult of Skaro came about, so here goes.
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